Police Promotion Ceremony

​May 10 th at 6PM

Riverside Baptist Church

​Old Largo Road

Membership in CPAAA is just $10.00 a year and open to all graduates of the Prince George's County Citizens' Police Academy.

Our members are involved in community service throughout the county.

Recent CPAAA Events

Citizens And Police Working Together

Prince George's County 

Citizens' Police Academy

Alumni Association

CPAAA members are involved in activities ranging from Communities In The Court House, Moot Court, Citizens' Police Academy  Graduations and other special events.

See what is going on and get involved.

Volunteering is the heart of CPAAA. We have both on-going and special activities and all of them need your help.

Click on the link below and start to get involved.

Angela Alsobrooks addresses CPAAA Members May 5, 2016 "Prince George's County Is What It is Because Of You... We Need You."